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Tips to Highlight Product Features on Your Website Copy

Customers consider your product’s characteristics, regardless of whether they’re looking for tennis shoes or a marketing automation platform.

When evaluating items, features (together with price and design) are among the most important variables to consider.

Assuming that the storage capacity of a computer is unknown, would you still purchase the

Without knowing if they stretch, a pair of yoga trousers, for example.
While product features are important, many businesses fail to make them obvious on their
websites, which might lead to a decline in income.
As a result, your product’s features must be obvious and appealing. Learn how to create the
perfect product feature.

What Is a Product Feature and How Do I Choose One?

Features of your product are the characteristics that set it apart from other items on the market.
A design feature, a functional feature, or a feature that comes with the product might be
considered (an added-value feature).
Running shoes are a good example. Both the shoe’s material and its technology are important.
Nike uses this example to illustrate both of them.

7 Ways to Draw Attention to the Product’s Features

The features on your site are well-understood, and you know why they’re vital. e-commerce
shops and SaaS solutions may utilize them in seven different ways.

Consider including social proof.

It’s wonderful to brag about your product’s features, but every other firm does the same thing as
Customers may not believe you, even if your product’s characteristics are greater. Only
one-third of buyers trust the brands from whom they purchase their goods.
For people to believe that your product works, you must provide social evidence.
Customers or third-party sources who have praised your product’s qualities can be included on relevant
Included is even better. Customers are more inclined to trust your brand if it shows actual individuals demonstrating its features.

Use Your Target Audience as a Resource

To successfully write about your product’s features, you must first identify your target audience.
Use buyer personas if you have them.
This will allow you to determine which features are most important to clients. For software firms, G2 is a fantastic location to start, whereas Amazon works well for e-commerce brands.
Find out what things consumers are most interested in and give them a higher priority. Always be on the lookout for targets and avoid trying to hit everyone.
A SaaS product with a dozen different use cases requires this.

Benefits should be the main focus.

Your product’s unique selling point isn’t as important to consumers as you would think. What matters most to them is how it will benefit them.

Mention a benefit whenever a feature is mentioned.

When it comes to writing about advantages, it takes a little more time and works.
Particularly to you, the features of your product are very clear. How they assist the consumer, however, is less
You should also spend some time reading product reviews and thinking about your consumer personas. It’ll be easier for you to get inside your clients’ heads and focus on the benefits that matter to them.
Details that need to be brought to your attention.
Some characteristics will be more important to you than others. You should develop a feature
hierarchy and find strategies to highlight the things consumers care about most.
Dividing your page into parts can help you do this. Your reader’s attention will be grabbed by a powerful headline, which you may support with short, crisp content and eye-catching graphics.

Scannable information is essential.

The majority of your clients are likely to skim through your website. But they’re going to scour it for important information.
Making product features scannable while still conveying the primary message is your responsibility while designing your product.
As a result, bullet points are a great way to convey information to your readers, especially if you
want to convey large amounts of information.
Target’s listing page provides a bulleted list of each product’s attributes, so you don’t even have
to click on each one to obtain the information you need.
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