Social media plays a vital role in transforming your business. A majority of the population relies on social media to establish their brand’s strong presence in the market. It can be used for various purposes such as making introductions, building relationships, or marketing your brand or products to the target audience. With a majority of the population relying on social media, it becomes a need for every enterprise to adopt social media marketing to achieve their business goals. It involves using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and much more to spread awareness about their brand in various sectors and attract sales in a mainstream industry.

Our Social Media Marketing Services includes:


Facebook is the social media platform that is accessed by millions of populations. It serves as a great medium to establish your brand’s presence and create an individual or business profile to promote one’s business or organization to drag potential customers. Moreover, you can also go for our Facebook paid ads service where our team will use powerful messages on Facebook to build your online presence.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today that is used by millions of people. This platform allows you to create your business profile and upload photos and videos to attract and connect with potential clients. Our team uses Instagram paid ads, which is a powerful strategy to promote your brand, product, or service through visually appealing content.


LinkedIn marketing is an effective strategy to make connections, enhance your brand awareness, build business relationships, share content, generate leads, and improve traffic on your website. Xoom Digital uses LinkedIn paid ads campaigns and services that will enable you to know the absolute demographics and interests of your business. LinkedIn is most suitable for B2B advertising.


Twitter marketing is a social media strategy that involves creating, publishing, and distributing your brand’s content among the followers, audience, or buyer personas to drag traffic on your website. With a total of 145 million active daily users, Twitter becomes the most effective way to promote your brand and achieve potential customers. It serves as a great opportunity to drive sales and build your brand.

  • The social stage

Our team of experts is skilled in preparing effective social media plans for your business. They will begin their plan by first getting insights into the current scenario of your business. This will continue with the series of questions such as your social media presence, pages or profile, design of your website, your leads, likes, and much more.

  • Account creation

During the second stage of the plan, our team will connect a new business account to our business account for a better inspection by the advertising team of Facebook over all the work done. It is necessary to ensure that all the work is done correctly. After your account is approved, our team will begin with building your campaign. build your website out of scratch and make it successful for SEO.

  • Building campaigns

Our team will build your campaign into a new advertising account. Your campaign will target a specific target list, which includes competitor’s pages, hashtags, key phrases on social media, salary, age, marital status, and much more. Our team will prepare your campaign following your budget. Our team will ensure to provide the best design aspect of your campaign.

  • Engagement and scheduling

Once your campaign is prepared, our team will begin with the scheduling and ideation of engagement. It involves posting and interacting with your new visitors and likes on your pages through contests and coupons. Our posts will help to grab maximum attention on several social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more.

  • Leads & ROI generation

Till this stage, our team has successfully implemented the social media marketing plan, now it is the time when our efforts will show the results. For that purpose, you have to work closely with our team to get the desired results for your social media program from various online networks such as websites, landing pages, email marketing, and much more.

  • Facebook

Facebook is considered the most popular social media channel with a majority of people using it daily. Around 2.38 billion people use Facebook daily, which makes it a prime channel for the business. Xoom Digital uses Facebook as its prime social media channel to meet the needs of their customers.

  • Instagram

Yet another social media channel with a majority of youngsters using it daily. It has become a popular platform to showcase and promote your business whether it belongs to photography, modeling, or cooking. Instagram emerges as a great opportunity to grow your business. Here you can create your business profile and upload photos and videos to enhance your reach.

  • Twitter

Twitter is the best place where you can find all the viral content and know about the latest trends. It seems perfect to transform your business. Being the fifth most popular social media network, it comprises a large number of daily active users. It emerges as a perfect place to win fans, and increase your sales.

No doubt, social media is the largest growing industry, its proper utilization will help to grab everyone’s attention and help you grow your business. Xoom Digital is responsible for helping many businesses to grow through various strategies including Facebook ads management, targeting specific interest groups with LinkedIn campaigns, or using detailed social media audits to gain information on a social media campaign. Any business can build its brand awareness through strong social media marketing strategies and achieve higher revenues from various social media platforms.