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Understanding the basic needs of the customers and optimizing the content in such a way that the customers get the solution to the questions they have in mind, or the issues they face is all there is to it. Xoom Digital will do all the heavy lifting for you, and all you have to do is trust us with the process.

Sharpen up your competitive advantage

Hundreds of websites are created every day. Most of them are clones or lookalikes at least. It’s really hard to stand out in the crowd without having some special features that only you possess. This feature is often called the competitive advantage.

When it comes to local SEO, there is a myriad of untapped potential in it. Most websites look for more customers from across the country, ignoring the ones closest to them. This is one of the biggest follies websites make, as they look past the wide stretch of opportunity just within their reach.


Local SEO services we provide

Don’t make the mistake these websites did. You have a chance to make the most out of your local community of potential customers, only by giving a little bit more emphasis to Local SEO. These are the fundamental steps to be taken by any website to create a strong foundation of loyal customers.

Do you know what the best part about the local SEO services is? It is one of the best ways to understand the nature and expectations of your customers, without using the complicated market segmentation and targeting tools. You as a company will surely have a basic understanding of the nature of customers around you, so bringing more of them to your website can be a fun task.

Using the right keywords is crucial when it comes to SEO. If we take the case of local SEO, focusing on the local customers is what is emphasized here. The keen observation and thorough research done on your local customers can help create optimized content especially focused on the people nearest to you.

Xoom Digital is here with you to guide and assist you in your journey to create the biggest competitive advantage there is, which is gaining a loyal customer base.

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Some common questions our customers ask

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SEO and Local SEO the same?

Search Engine Optimization focuses on increasing the visibility of your website on a wider level, whereas, Local SEO focuses on generating more visitors from your geographical location alone. SEO does not focus on a particular set of customers; rather it focuses customers or potential customers on a global or national level. Local SEO gives more importance to customers closest in proximity to you.
Both SEO and Local SEO are needed for the well-being of your website. A business cannot survive out of the local customers alone; they need to expand their business too. Also, a business without the support from its local customers is no good either.

Why is Local SEO so important?

Location plays a huge role for businesses, be it online or otherwise. Google always tend to show information about a particular product or service searched by a customer by providing details to the shops nearest to them. Local SEO is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the revenue of your business by converting the visitors into customers.

Can I improve my Local SEO rankings?

You absolutely can! Xoom Digital is one of the very best local search marketing firms in Australia that helps you not only increase your google rankings, but also your total revenue. Local SEO plays a major role in increasing your google listings. You can increase the ranking of your website by focusing more on your local customers and optimizing you website content in the same way.

Does it take long to implement Local SEO Services?

Yes and no. This is a subjective question as the time taken to optimize your website locally depends on the size of your business and your website. A smaller website can take much less time to optimize the content as opposed to larger websites. It also depends on the level of changes needed to be made to your website. If you hire a professional agency such as Xoom Digital the time taken can be further decreased.

Is Local SEO costly?

This again, is a completely subjective question. A website is the face of you company and you must not settle down for a low quality service just because it’s cheaper. Even though the price for Local SEO services differs from company to company, one should always try to consider it an investment as it will surely benefit your business in the long run. When it comes to Local SEO, always choose agencies that offer premium services at reasonable price, such as Xoom Digital.

Can I measure Local SEO?

If you are not measuring the performance of your Local SEO, then you are definitely on the wrong here. It is one of the most important aspects where you can directly see the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy that you have implemented. So, make sure to always keep a track of how your Local SEO performs.

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