Tips to Handle Customer Relationships Well

As a premium digital marketing agency in Bella Vista, we believe that as a corporate entity, the most important part of operating your own company, particularly if you are delivering a service for people, is to establish and develop a successful business partnership with your consumers.


Well, it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than maintaining a current one while driving a digital marketing agency. And a mere 5% increase in customer retention will raise company profit by 25–95%.


No matter how good the customer relationship is, there is still space for growth.


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Understand the client’s expectations and initiatives before they do so.

To get a clear perspective of this, let’s travel back in time a little …


There was a widespread misunderstanding amongst advertisers, which held that customers did not have a real need for cell phones.


This is not a real statement. A deficiency cannot be produced. It’s a natural drive.


And Apple proved it.


Although the verbal needs for smartphones could not have been articulated, the networking pressure points were still present. This is an attributable reason why the invention took off when it was launched.


Apple’s product solution is appreciated by customers. That has thus, led it to be the leader in the sector.


Hence, when coping with consumer demands, a common approach can be followed. Furthermore, taking inspiration from Apple, marketing companies must follow a consumer preference mentality to deal with the demands of clients.


This helps businesses to identify and develop programs to address their customers’ demands and challenges.


Is Xoom Digital like any other digital marketing agency in Bella Vista?


Certainly, not.


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  • Improve interaction with the customers


This is important when offering a service to your clients. To sell a product is crucial, but when you are providing a service, things get a little bit more intimate, and making a pleasant impression along with a favorable experience might be what differentiates you from your rivals.


Based on studies, consumer service is the key factor that can differentiate the business from your competitors, and it can also surpass pricing and the products themselves.


You may approach customers through advertising, marketing, and promoting the products and services through their preferred media or medium.


On Facebook, customers would respond quickly if they receive messages from a business or brand directly, such as a brand’s Facebook page.



  • Leverage chatbots to enhance AI (artificial intelligence).


A typical customer expects chat response times of under 45 seconds.


How do you handle your ties with customers in an effective manner? One way is by providing fast solutions. AI has a solution. These days, customer reps have a greater share of power and accountability in finding the solutions.


Artificial intelligence is now being used to render automated chatbots that can handle the most often asked questions. One factor that makes Live Chat platforms successful is the speedy response.


  • Praise and reward loyal customers.


It is also important to learn that current consumers invest 67% more than new customers. It ensures that the income can increase even though you spend plenty of money on recurring services.


For starters, you might provide repeat customers with special deals, special sales, personalized vouchers, and referral programs. Through doing this, they would be more engaged in shopping and feel important as a client.


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Starting with SEM? Let’s see what the SEO consultants in Sydney have to say.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, it is crucial to embrace an integrated marketing strategy that incorporates all sources of marketing. Considering investing in SEM? You’re thinking right.


Due to the current-appalling-ongoing pandemic, more people are shopping electronically than they ever were before! One way for corporations to remain competitive and be financially stable, in these difficult times, is to use Search Engine Marketing.


The quest of marketing involves the use of both SEO and SEM. Although many people know about SEO, not many are aware of the meaning of SEM. Furthermore, what is SEM? Let’s  see.


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Search engine marketing is one of the two most vital concepts in an ongoing search campaign. The primary method of gaining search engine traffic is by unpaid placement at the top of search results.

There are three types of SEM, paying quest, owned search, and natural. This is a kind of messaging that is more costly, but it guarantees direct contact with consumers who want those particular keywords.


Search Engine Marketing, when done correctly, will foster brand recognition with clients and boost revenue. Here are few tips for the beginners by our experienced SEO consultants in Sydney


  • Choose an Internet Marketing Platform Relevant to Your Needs.


One of the most common search engine marketing tools on the Internet is Google AdWords and Bing Ads. When picking the platform, you can probably ask yourself the following questions-


  1. Who is the consumer for this product?
  2. In what age bracket is our data more likely to be distributed?
  3. Are my main rivals undertaking SEO and SEM promotions?
  4. What kind of outcome are you expecting?


After answering these 4 questions, you will be able to decide whether a certain tool is good to use or not and whether or not the motive behind your campaign can even be considered.


Let’s say you choose to promote a commodity to consumers in a specific age bracket who read a certain type of publication. For example, you may choose to invest your marketing dollars in newspaper advertisements to reach out to readers. Or, you might spend your money on e-mails to get readers’ attention.


Which of these two options is the most cost-effective for you?


  • Target the business’ keywords


You ought to use keywords to find your company through your clients. In Melbourne, for example, if you’re a plumber, Melbourne plumber may be a decent starting point. If a product or service needs further specifications for searching, then use it!


A keyword analysis platform such as Google’s Keyword Planner is the perfect way to find out what the people are looking for. This helps you pick the best keywords that suit the right traffic for your company and ad campaign.


If you feel, this all is too much and certainly out of your grasping radar, feel free to connect with our SEO consultants in Sydney at Xoom Digital, who will be more than happy to guide you with the same and offer valuable solutions.


  • Create a Consistent Journey Through Your Ads


There’s nothing worse than clicking on an ad that says one thing, then taking you somewhere that’s completely unrelated. You want to ensure that your post matches your message on your landing page. You could just damage your annual conversion rate in the meantime, or maybe end up paying for unintended clicks if you want to save time by making several advertisements for separate messages going the same page.


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How to launch an effective campaign on Facebook ads – A Guide by Xoom Digital, a premium facebook advertising company in Sydney.



Are you thinking of putting up advertisements on Facebook?


Do you want to know how to make a Facebook ad campaign work?


Understanding the basics of Facebook ads will save you time and money by avoiding common blunders.


Are you excited to learn how to build a successful Facebook ad campaign by one of the best Facebook advertisement agencies in Sydney?


Brands are fighting for customers’ loyalty, and personalization strategies could help you draw even more.


Try getting a generic email about a brand’s flash sale. Compare it to a customized post that uses your name and shows items that you may be interested in. Which one do you think you’ll open first? Perhaps the tailored note. The same can be done for Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook Ad campaigns are a must if you want to launch a digital company today.


Personalizing the Facebook marketing campaigns is one way to excel on the website

– here are few pointers.


  1. Retargeting is a Sequential Order


This procedure is designed to choose an advertisement that seems to be most appealing to the target audience. You display different advertisements to your prospects and only choose the ones that get the most clicks. And, hence, on the chosen advertisements, more customization is achieved.


The basic principle is to find a deal that corresponds to the target consumer. For eg, you might screen advertisements for buy-one-get-one discounts, flash sales, e-books, and subscriptions. However, you have no idea which path would be the most efficient. Sequential targeting will aid in the discovery of the most successful strategy. It’s as if you’re selecting the best of the best!


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2. Re-engagement campaigns should be initiated.


One of the most successful personalization strategies is re-engagement. Even though they are not the same, many people associate them with re-targeting.


Let’s take a look at the differences between the two: Re-engagement tactics reawaken customer interest in the company. The aim of retargeting is to communicate with users who have already interacted with the brand. Though they are related in certain ways, there is a distinction between the two – Retargeting strategies rely on online advertising to draw consumers, while re-engagement strategies usually rely on emails.


You can simply personalize emails by looking at the audience that did not open your emails to personalize your re-engagement campaigns. Make a list of the people who will be receiving your message, personalize it, and send it. Build a list of those who opened the emails but did not proceed into the sales funnel as an alternative.


Facebook ad campaigns can be customized in the same way. For example, if customers added your carpet cleaning items to their cart but then left right away, you can retarget them with discounts and special offers. Remember to use online resources to assist you in this process. You can use Facebook Ad Manager, Qwaya, Hootsuite Advertising, and other similar software.


3. Consider Non-Conversions

Why compel a group of people to buy from you if they aren’t interested? However, non-conversions are just as relevant as conversions.


The following are the two primary reasons:


  1. This group is part of a targeted consumer group.
  2. They give us a reason to reconsider our plans and figure out why some people come to the page but don’t buy anything.


Consider a situation in which visitors to your website did not complete all of your desired acts, such as signing up for your newsletter, placing an order, or downloading an e-book. So, how are you going to get in touch with these people?


On Facebook! For that, you must personalize your marketing strategies with the help of Facebook advertising companies in Sydney!


In short, personalizing Facebook ad campaigns is important for growing businesses. Re-engagement, sequential re-marketing, non-conversion emphasis, and mega re-marketing are all good options. Aside from that, continuity is the most critical element in achieving success. With these tips, you’ll be able to jumpstart your marketing efforts and reap the benefits of your hard work in no time.


Don’t know where Facebook Advertising can be started? Are you looking for advertisement costs on Facebook? Looking for responses to the advertising policies on Facebook? Do you want the Facebook Advertising Manager and Performance inside information?


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The Importance of Recruiting an SEO Agency with Web Design Expertise in Sydney!

search engine optimization

The Importance of Recruiting an SEO Agency with Web Design Expertise in Sydney!

In all kinds of digital marketing, not every Sydney digital agency is experienced. Thus, if you wish to have any SEO work done, make sure that you select an SEO agency with web design expertise as well.

And why is that?

Because your web design serves as the face of your company online, whether you have an online business or a physical retail shop.

It can be similarly visualized with the idea of hiring someone who may be the face of your company. For instance, when you employ a receptionist, you hire someone neat, well dressed, and friendly to your guests, someone with a strong personal appearance, because you know they are the face of your company.

By serving out-dated, clashing, or getting dysfunctional design features, don’t cause your web design to let you and your business down.

Hiring an SEO agency in Sydney, that knows its to-do’s when it comes to web design is the way to avert a web design tragedy.

Now let’s see why great web design is key to your company’s growth.

  • Did you know that 94 percent of a user’s first experience of your website is all about your website architecture? That’s a huge proportion! This factoid is taken from a report called “The Effects of Aesthetics on Web Credibility” carried out by Farah Alsudani and Matthew Casey.

Thus, if your website looks fantastic, and it has valuable real content (which is again managed by your SEO agency), then your popularity level soars with prospective customers!

The idea is simple, you need to look for an agency that caters to all your digital marketing needs. Limiting to just one aspect like SEO will only bring down your ROI.

But on the other hand, if the architecture of your website looks dull and years behind designing then

 boy! Are you in trouble!

Since your reputation and business likeability factor will plummet and customers will click you as soon as possible on your website.

Thus, again, elevating the importance of hiring a good SEO agency in Sydney if you wish to draw in good conversions for your business and improve your sales accordingly!

  • Before the customers can go somewhere else on your web, 86 percent of them can go directly to your goods or services listing – advised by every top SEO agency in Sydney.

So please, in any dark corner of your website, don’t cover the products display page.

Your guests need to know what you do, and they need to know if what they want is important to your services or goods. If they get confused trying to find out where the programs are hiding, they will leave your seat behind.

             Do you want to improve your conversion rate and increase your ROI?

Xoom Digital in Sydney provides the one-stop platform for all your digital marketing needs including SEO, Web design, Web development, and social media marketing needs.

  • You not only need an eye-pleasing website design, but you also need high-quality content to give the design substance to your customer and make it meaningful ultimately specifying the need for a well experienced SEO Agency in Sydney for your business.

Consider packing some of it in other ways, such as animations, infographics, maps, or multimedia features, to make the material easier to consume.

Xoom Digital, Sydney delivers critical resources in SEO, content publishing, social media, market creation, and website design to small to medium enterprises.

We are your premium SEO agency in Sydney!

We have what it takes to maximize your digital marketing and everything under one roof. If you know you need to change the architecture of your website, but you’re not sure where to start, call us on 1300 157 860 today!

The Emergent rise of SEO consultants and Why do you need them?

The Internet has opened up boundless opportunities for the modern corporate world. The digital realm can be your market – and with correct measures, you can rise and shine on billions worth of treasures.

Yes, the right and apt measures.

There’s a direct cost to your presence and visibility on the internet. The online users are entitled to instantly leave the website if they cannot find relevant information they’re searching for – leading to a loss of revenue and unfavorable testimony for the business concerned.

Owing to the internet’s ever-increasing penetration, potential customers are bound to land there straight to check out different products or services. And people residing in Europe carry different perceptions from those living in Asia and the Southern African region. Hence, you need to craft a powerful SEO strategy that penetrates and scales the traffic globally.

Building a website is a great kick-off to SEO. However, the percept ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t sustain until and unless you’ve worked to optimize your website. 

This involves using the right strategies and correct techniques in order to target the keywords and phrases people are typing (or speaking via their phones) into search engines. (Specifically google) 

For every transitioning business in Castle Hill, the competition-induced-thirst to be at the top of the search engine results is tough and fierce!

Moreover, with Google shifting its complete focus on delivering local results – i.e. earlier Google would focus on what people were searching for.

 Now, they’re shrinking it down to where people are searching from.

As SEO and Digital Marketing professionals, Xoom Digitals aspires to promote Castle Hill business owners and project their business into a trajectory function of growth – and of course to the top of search engine results. We work this through the multi-layered job of website and optimization.

For online business- your web traffic is your currency.

The more online traffic, the more exposure. More exposure, more sales.

Thus, The best SEO consultant in Castle Hill would strive to increase the profitability of your website. It is crucial for your website to rank on top and keep SEO rankings one on major search engines like – Google, Yahoo. Believe it or not, your website can be your salesman if the SEO is done right.

The best SEO consultant in Castle Hill will help you with the following features – 

  • Identifying the traffic growth curve that is working for your online business:

Hiring an SEO consultant in Castle Hill means you are able to narrow and scale down the visitors’ geographical positions, where they land, what are the actions they discharge on your website, the time spend on your websites, and more! 

Comprehending this data will help you to make a clear strategic plan about what is currently working and what all is needed to grow your online presence globally.

  • Save money, time, and effort:

When you decide to start an online business, you are always expected to be pushed for deadlines.

Now, hiring a professional SEO consultant in Castle Hill will allow you to focus on the main worries of the business, easing you off the extra work and handing you more time for other equally important functionalities for your business.

Benefits an SEO include:

  • Enhancing your search marketing budget.
  • Taking online marketing goals into reflection.
  • Working as per your online business goals dynamics.

Observing targeted results timely:

The best SEO consultant in Castle Hill should work to level up your search marketing activities in order to take note of the organic ranking improvements and the number of conversions that show daily increment on the website.

Make you stand out from the crowd- 

Organic traffic is bound to foster authority and trust, and devising a full-proof SEO strategy will help you to attract more and more organic traffic.

That’s the thing about SEO – drawing higher organic rankings will repeat traffic on your website,  turning them into loyal customers and generating more revenue.

Create a user-friendly website  –

A professional  SEO consultant in Castle Hill should dive into the best use of coding practice and work to level up the website’s construction & navigation. Not only formulate a rock-solid content marketing plan but in-depth keyword and research techniques to make your website user-friendly and extra optimized.

Step up your online business growth to attract new customers and leads by hiring an SEO Consultant, Castle Hills from Xoom Digitals.

Shopify App Development – and Everything about it

If you’re a developer or an entrepreneur and actively looking for an all-in-one e-commerce solution that will not only help you to start your business but also manage and scale your business to high altitudes of success – shopify development company is a perfect choice. 

Shopify App Development service is an uprising popular e-commerce platform available in the market for future online businesses. With a self-hosting solution, it features – a bunch of tools in exchange for a recurring subscription charge. It further sets up a retail space for your online shop as the host.

It helps to construct and customize your business into online stores and sell your products on websites, social media, mobile, and even a consumer-to-business shop front.

In short, It’s a multi-bagger digital platform hosting around 1.2 million people as of 2019, and total revenue of 100 billion dollars plus in June 2019.

Why use Shopify? 

As a thriving Shopify development company in Sydney, we’re here to boost up your digital knowledge and specifically the part concerning Ecommerce Shopify development services.

Well, Shopify has been long a preferred choice for Ecommerece business owners for both simplicity and the vast range of interesting features – while managing their products online as well as offline. 

Here, are a few reasons we’d like to make you aware of its benefits and why we believe Shopify development services can be of a  great treasure –


Shopify is easy to go with developers and non-developers alike – with no confusion and minimal setup. It already provides the user with the hosting platform and the software needed to launch the E-commerce website. And the admin interface is both friendly and ingrown.

Marketing Tools – 

Shopify has a lot to offer as a service – including some amazing marketing perks to help businesses grow.

The basic Shopify version includes integrated SEO features and analytical tools. Moreover, it presents quality features like – store statistics, discount coupons, gift cards, and email marketing.

Security and Reliability 

Shopify strives to promise a secure shopping experience for its merchants’ customers by keeping their security systems updated with the industry’s best practices and active upgrades.

Shopify holds itself as a Level 1 certified PCI DSS compliant, meeting all six categories of PCI standards:

  1. A complete secure network
  2. A vulnerability management check program
  3. Protect the cardholder data
  4. Implement strong access to control measures
  5. Compulsory information security policy

This compliance is promised to all online stores generated on Shopify.

Fast Speed- 

Shopify works at a fast speed owing to its super-optimized software and hardware. And that’s a good thing because loading time can have a striking and significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Thus, it’s always advisable to go for fast host solutions.

So basically, Shopify apps help project businesses with enhanced services to their online customers with an additional host of innumerable features and functionality.

If you are looking for Shopify Development services to enter the market rapidly, Xoom Digitals, a premium Shopify development Company in Sydney, is at your rescue.

Moving on, if you have a tight initial budget, and you do not need core customizations, 

Shopify App custom service is a great way out for you.

Shopify Custom Development

Shopify custom development is an upgrade from the free drag and drop type of  E-commerce platforms. Shopify contains step up subscription options like Shopify Plus – promotes the scalability of your business requirement to an enterprise level.

Last thoughts – 

While fewer options are always a boon for an initial start but gradually over time, your website will experience more traffic- and the number of orders would increase. Your novel marketing strategies like using gift cards or creative referral promotions would bring more customers to your online stores. Thus, over time you’ll automatically feel the need to migrate to a more reliable and sustainable platform. As a Shopify Development company, we believe settling is never an option for success in the digital world and hence, the key is to keep upgrading and focussing on improving the customer experience online.