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Benefits of Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

Is it necessary for your company or business to utilize email marketing? Yes, of course. Email
marketing is cited as the marketing channel that consistently delivers the highest ROI.
Thousands of businesses across the globe are using it to grow their business.
Xoom Digital Australia has listed a few reasons to prove why email marketing is one of the most effective
ways of marketing.

1) Best return on investment –

For any business, results are what finally matter. Email marketing promises the most fantastic return on invest investment.

2) Instant impact –

Due to email marketing, a business can start seeing results from the minute emails are sent out. A sense of urgency to convince subscribers to take immediate action is by announcing a 24 hour sale.
Unlike print or broadcast campaigns, it is the quickest way to see more traffic to your business.

3) Reach global audience –

Email marketing lets you send instant messages to thousands of people across the world.
Social media can do the same too but it is unsure how many people are actually reading your content.

4) Easy to begin –

Email marketing does not require a large team and by using simple plain text emails.
You can send across successful campaign emails to your customers.

5) Drive revenue –

Email marketing is great for taking advantage of impulse buying.
No other marketing platform allows customers to witness an offer and purchase an item within two
clicks of a button. Email newsletters are known to drive sales like no other channel.
Xoom Australia provides a plethora of information about how you can successfully use email
marketing to improve your business results.
6) Deliver targeted messages –
Email marketing works fantastically well for brands who wish to gain information about their subscribers.
If a brand has an offer applicable to a certain area of the country, emails can be sent to the people living in that particular area.
Or if there’s a sale on sports goods then emails can be sent to only the people who have shown interest in sports.
Segmenting data and sending targeted messages, is a great way to boost your

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