The Importance of Recruiting an SEO Agency, Sydney with Web Design Expertise!

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In all kinds of digital marketing, not every Sydney digital agency is experienced. Thus, if you wish to have any SEO work done, make sure that you select a digital SEO agency, Sydney with web design expertise as well.

And why is that?

Because your web design serves as the face of your company online, whether you have an online business or a physical retail shop.

It can be similarly visualized with the idea of hiring someone who may be the face of your company. For instance, when you employ a receptionist, you hire someone neat, well dressed, and friendly to your guests, someone with a strong personal appearance, because you know they are the face of your company.

By serving out-dated, clashing, or getting dysfunctional design features, don’t cause your web design to let you and your business down.

Hiring a digital agency in Sydney that‘s also an SEO agency, Sydney, and knows its to-do’s when it comes to web design is the way to avert a web design tragedy.

Now let’s see why great web design is key to your company’s growth.

  • Did you know that 94 percent of a user’s first experience of your website is all about your website architecture? That’s a huge proportion! This factoid is taken from a report called “The Effects of Aesthetics on Web Credibility” carried out by Farah Alsudani and Matthew Casey.

Thus, if your website looks fantastic, and it has valuable real content, then your popularity level soars with prospective customers!

But on the other hand, if the architecture of your website looks dull and years behind designing then

 boy! Are you in trouble!

Since your reputation and business likeability factor will plummet and customers will click you as soon as possible on your website.

Thus, again, elevating the importance of hiring a good SEO agency, Sydney if you wish to draw in good conversions for your business and improve your sales accordingly!

  • Before the customers can go somewhere else on your web, 86 percent of them can go directly to your goods or services listing – advised by every top SEO agency, Sydney.

So please, in any dark corner of your website, don’t cover the products display page.

Your guests need to know what you do, and they need to know if what they want is important to your services or goods. If they get confused trying to find out where the programs are hiding, they will leave your seat behind.

             Do you want to better your conversion rate and scale high on your business?

Xoom Digitals, Sydney provides a one-stop platform for all your digital marketing needs including SEO, Web design, Web development, and social media marketing needs.

  • You not only need an eye-pleasing website design, but you also need high-quality content to give the design substance to your customer and make it meaningful ultimately specifying the need for a good well experienced SEO Agency, Sydney for your business.

Consider packing some of it in other ways, such as animations, infographics, maps, or multimedia features, to make the material easier to consume.

Xoom Digitals, Sydney delivers critical resources in SEO, content publishing, social media, market creation, and website design to small to medium enterprises.

We are your premium SEO agency in Sydney!

We have what it takes to maximize your digital marketing and everything under one roof. If you know you need to change the architecture of your website, but you’re not sure where to start, call us on 1300 157 860 today!

The Emergent rise of SEO consultants and Why do you need them?

The Internet has opened up boundless opportunities for the modern corporate world. The digital realm can be your market – and with correct measures, you can rise and shine on billions worth of treasures.

Yes, the right and apt measures.

There’s a direct cost to your presence and visibility on the internet. The online users are entitled to instantly leave the website if they cannot find relevant information they’re searching for – leading to a loss of revenue and unfavorable testimony for the business concerned.

Owing to the internet’s ever-increasing penetration, potential customers are bound to land there straight to check out different products or services. And people residing in Europe carry different perceptions from those living in Asia and the Southern African region. Hence, you need to craft a powerful SEO strategy that penetrates and scales the traffic globally.

Building a website is a great kick-off to SEO. However, the percept ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t sustain until and unless you’ve worked to optimize your website. 

This involves using the right strategies and correct techniques in order to target the keywords and phrases people are typing (or speaking via their phones) into search engines. (Specifically google) 

For every transitioning business in Castle Hill, the competition-induced-thirst to be at the top of the search engine results is tough and fierce!

Moreover, with Google shifting its complete focus on delivering local results – i.e. earlier Google would focus on what people were searching for.

 Now, they’re shrinking it down to where people are searching from.

As SEO and Digital Marketing professionals, Xoom Digitals aspires to promote Castle Hill business owners and project their business into a trajectory function of growth – and of course to the top of search engine results. We work this through the multi-layered job of website and optimization.

For online business- your web traffic is your currency.

The more online traffic, the more exposure. More exposure, more sales.

Thus, The best SEO consultant in Castle Hill would strive to increase the profitability of your website. It is crucial for your website to rank on top and keep SEO rankings one on major search engines like – Google, Yahoo. Believe it or not, your website can be your salesman if the SEO is done right.

The best SEO consultant in Castle Hill will help you with the following features – 

  • Identifying the traffic growth curve that is working for your online business:

Hiring an SEO consultant in Castle Hill means you are able to narrow and scale down the visitors’ geographical positions, where they land, what are the actions they discharge on your website, the time spend on your websites, and more! 

Comprehending this data will help you to make a clear strategic plan about what is currently working and what all is needed to grow your online presence globally.

  • Save money, time, and effort:

When you decide to start an online business, you are always expected to be pushed for deadlines.

Now, hiring a professional SEO consultant in Castle Hill will allow you to focus on the main worries of the business, easing you off the extra work and handing you more time for other equally important functionalities for your business.

Benefits an SEO include:

  • Enhancing your search marketing budget.
  • Taking online marketing goals into reflection.
  • Working as per your online business goals dynamics.

Observing targeted results timely:

The best SEO consultant in Castle Hill should work to level up your search marketing activities in order to take note of the organic ranking improvements and the number of conversions that show daily increment on the website.

Make you stand out from the crowd- 

Organic traffic is bound to foster authority and trust, and devising a full-proof SEO strategy will help you to attract more and more organic traffic.

That’s the thing about SEO – drawing higher organic rankings will repeat traffic on your website,  turning them into loyal customers and generating more revenue.

Create a user-friendly website  –

A professional  SEO consultant in Castle Hill should dive into the best use of coding practice and work to level up the website’s construction & navigation. Not only formulate a rock-solid content marketing plan but in-depth keyword and research techniques to make your website user-friendly and extra optimized.

Step up your online business growth to attract new customers and leads by hiring an SEO Consultant, Castle Hills from Xoom Digitals.

Shopify App Development – and Everything about it

If you’re a developer or an entrepreneur and actively looking for an all-in-one e-commerce solution that will not only help you to start your business but also manage and scale your business to high altitudes of success – shopify development company is a perfect choice. 

Shopify App Development service is an uprising popular e-commerce platform available in the market for future online businesses. With a self-hosting solution, it features – a bunch of tools in exchange for a recurring subscription charge. It further sets up a retail space for your online shop as the host.

It helps to construct and customize your business into online stores and sell your products on websites, social media, mobile, and even a consumer-to-business shop front.

In short, It’s a multi-bagger digital platform hosting around 1.2 million people as of 2019, and total revenue of 100 billion dollars plus in June 2019.

Why use Shopify? 

As a thriving Shopify development company in Sydney, we’re here to boost up your digital knowledge and specifically the part concerning Ecommerce Shopify development services.

Well, Shopify has been long a preferred choice for Ecommerece business owners for both simplicity and the vast range of interesting features – while managing their products online as well as offline. 

Here, are a few reasons we’d like to make you aware of its benefits and why we believe Shopify development services can be of a  great treasure –


Shopify is easy to go with developers and non-developers alike – with no confusion and minimal setup. It already provides the user with the hosting platform and the software needed to launch the E-commerce website. And the admin interface is both friendly and ingrown.

Marketing Tools – 

Shopify has a lot to offer as a service – including some amazing marketing perks to help businesses grow.

The basic Shopify version includes integrated SEO features and analytical tools. Moreover, it presents quality features like – store statistics, discount coupons, gift cards, and email marketing.

Security and Reliability 

Shopify strives to promise a secure shopping experience for its merchants’ customers by keeping their security systems updated with the industry’s best practices and active upgrades.

Shopify holds itself as a Level 1 certified PCI DSS compliant, meeting all six categories of PCI standards:

  1. A complete secure network
  2. A vulnerability management check program
  3. Protect the cardholder data
  4. Implement strong access to control measures
  5. Compulsory information security policy

This compliance is promised to all online stores generated on Shopify.

Fast Speed- 

Shopify works at a fast speed owing to its super-optimized software and hardware. And that’s a good thing because loading time can have a striking and significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Thus, it’s always advisable to go for fast host solutions.

So basically, Shopify apps help project businesses with enhanced services to their online customers with an additional host of innumerable features and functionality.

If you are looking for Shopify Development services to enter the market rapidly, Xoom Digitals, a premium Shopify development Company in Sydney, is at your rescue.

Moving on, if you have a tight initial budget, and you do not need core customizations, 

Shopify App custom service is a great way out for you.

Shopify Custom Development

Shopify custom development is an upgrade from the free drag and drop type of  E-commerce platforms. Shopify contains step up subscription options like Shopify Plus – promotes the scalability of your business requirement to an enterprise level.

Last thoughts – 

While fewer options are always a boon for an initial start but gradually over time, your website will experience more traffic- and the number of orders would increase. Your novel marketing strategies like using gift cards or creative referral promotions would bring more customers to your online stores. Thus, over time you’ll automatically feel the need to migrate to a more reliable and sustainable platform. As a Shopify Development company, we believe settling is never an option for success in the digital world and hence, the key is to keep upgrading and focussing on improving the customer experience online.

5 Things To Remember While Working On Ecommerce Website Development

As more and more businesses are expanding to the digital world to generate high revenue – ecommerce web development services are gaining importance day by day. And in fact, 50% to 60% of the business contributors are a direct result of E-commerce web development and designing. Now, ecommerce web development services make it easy and handy for the users – by providing them with a virtual window to a global market where they can shop anytime, anywhere across the globe. With just a click, one can get/buy the desired products on his/her phone or computer without actually having to go to a store.

One of the main reasons behind ecommerce website development services going wild is their efficiency and simplicity in giving comparisons between different products.

Here are 5 essential pointers that we press on to provide ecommerce website development services   –   

  • Responsive Design 

Who doesn’t carries a smartphone nowadays? E-commerce gives you permission to sell your products without any geo boundaries 24×7 hours. And the presence of smartphones just serves as the cherry on the top! In today’s age, people have become slaves to digital technologies, especially when it comes to shopping – ordering with a click and further getting the product delivered at your doorstep.

And this is exactly where responsive mobile/computer designs come into play. So, if you have an online E-commerce store and failed to create responsive designs then you are probably on the verge of losing more potential clients.

It’s important to have an interactive and user-friendly design so that your customer feels at ease and instantly buys your product without hesitation. Not only it will provide them with a good shopping experience and keep you ahead in the market but also lets you penetrate more into the potential customer reach. Moreover, responsive designs as a part of an E-commerce web development service is capable of bringing more ideal SEO results.

  • Easy navigation – 

Behind every blooming E-commerce business, there’s a website that round the clock supports it. The functionality and performance of the website say a lot. Having a good ecommerce website design is crucial because within just three seconds of surfing the website – a user can determine whether shopping from your Ecommerce store is valuable or not.

As a result, most of the smart entrepreneurs have already started investing in ecommerce web development services because no matter how effective and unique your marketing strategies are if your e-commerce website isn’t working well enough then all your hard work counts as useless.

The lesser time it takes to show the product, the more will a customer shows to stay on the website. Easy navigation helps customers to find and compare the products in categories and works like a magic wand to persuade them into buying your products.

  • Website Speed Optimization- 

“ For every one-second, it takes your website to load, your conversion rate goes down by 10%”.

For Ecommerce websites, time is really money. Poor website performance reflects poorly on your business and you lose customers to fast websites. No matter how much money and resources you’ve spent on bringing your customers to the store, the moment they click through the store and find it taking too long to load- they alienate the store instantly.

You end up losing a sale, and as well as the money spent on marketing the online store. 

Hence, it’s always a good idea to hire a good ecommerce web development service to help you deal with this problem, and hopefully – every visitor shall turn into a customer.

  • Site Security 

The internet is a dangerous place to host business. Companies have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after failing to implement eCommerce website development security features to safeguard their online stores from hackers and fraudsters. In the next coming years, online retailer fraud is estimated to hit $130 billion

So in the absence of the right fraud protection tools, your sensitive customer data is at risk. Ideally, such websites are built with a secure socket layer to protect and encrypt the information stored on these websites. Hence, you need to hire the right team of professionals – ecommerce web development service providers to help keep you and customers content in the long run.

  • Choose the right E-commerce platform-

Choosing the right E-commerce platform is critical to your success. In order to create an e-commerce business, you need to leverage a third-party platform like BigCommerece, Shopify, and Volusion. Sure, you can sell your products with a custom-built website, but to really scale your operations, you’re gonna need these platforms. These platforms provide e-commerce websites with the right flexibility, scalability, and expandability for users to use.

Last thoughts- 

 After all the money, time, and efforts business industries put into designing a website that would convert traffic into sales, it is paramount to make sure that the site is running smoothly all the time. And thus, it’s never a bad call to invest in the right ecommerce web development services – because the host is where your site will be, and that should be the most reliable and effective service you can provide.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Stay Cognizant of

As the year 2020 – full of challenges and global halt draws to a close and much anticipated 2021 fast approaches, it’s time for every digital marketing agency in Sydney to pack up their desks and enjoy an icy cold bevy in hand.

You’re right. Said no digital marketer ever.

Well, to speak the truth, the end of the year is heavily buried with last-minute deadlines, new year preparations, and end of the year task reviews.

And not to forget all the festive seasons’ galas you need to take care of.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Sydney, our team wants to ease off the chaos and stress by handing you a guide about the rising and upcoming digital marketing trends for 2021.

SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing have totally evolved the landscape of digital media. It’s ever-growing and conquering! For 2020, we predicted that the world of digital marketing will be ruled by chatbots and artificial intelligence, voice search, video marketing, and programmatic marketing. And after reaching the fourth quarter of this year, we couldn’t be more satisfied with our predictions.

And thus, as one of the premium growing digital marketing agencies in Sydney, here’s another take on the latest digital marketing trends all set up to revolutionize the digital world in 2021! 

  1. Interactive Content – 

People love to interact – invest their energy in the right space and time. It all depends if you give them the opportunity to connect with your brand through 360-degree videos, quizzes, AR/VR, shoppable posts, and polls; nothing can beat it.

This particular sort of content helps to break the monotony – and makes it look fresh, original, and more acceptable.

Interactive content better engages consumers and 93% of the marketers have given thumps up to the fact that interactive content is better at educating the buyers than just 70% for the static content. Every part and piece of the interactive content is a strong Call-To-Action statement with or without another Call-To-Action.

It gives your site another perspective than just being assertively informative or sales-y, in short, it gives your visitor a reason to stay.

 We, at Xoom Digitals- a premium digital marketing agency in Sydney, believe that interactive content breeds all the available prospects of creating brand awareness, and hence, interactive content is going to be a big all through in 2021. 

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – 

As per Gartner, 2022 will be full of experimentations with highly advanced immersive technologies like Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality – with more than 70% of enterprises participating for consumer and enterprise use, and 25% would have already deployed to production.

AR is highly effective in enhancing the visual impacts of sales presentations with its three-dimensional illuminations. Clients are not only able to see the presentations in front of them but also around them – boosts up the closing of the deals.

VR is the most innovative of reality technologies. Playstation, VR, and Google Cardboard are a few of its mainstream availabilities.

As a connoisseur of immersing technologies- at Xoom Digitals, a digital marketing agency in Sydney, we believe that these technologies have a wide scope in increasing sales and enhancing customer experience, and ultimately leveling up the ROIs.

  1. New Breed SEO – 

The conversional rate of SEO is 14.6% strongly defeating the conversion rates of 1.7% sustained through traditional outbound methods. It’s pretty much every digital marketer’s dream to stay on the top of SEO rankings. However, SEO hacks keep shuffling, and the same SEO hack which could have got you on the first page of the google search engine is now at the risk of jeopardizing your website rankings, or even worse landing you in a Google penalty. 

Search Algorithms witness constant change and end up affecting the user’s search engine results. As a striving digital marketing agency in Sydney, our prediction allows us to affirm that the search engine industry will work on these algorithms next year to better the quality of search results, and drive clearly through the google penalties.

  1. Social Commerce – 

The E-commerce industry has been thriving for a long time and has allowed smart marketers to put the twos and twos together and make social commerce a norm.

Nowadays, brands tend to make the most of their social media advertising by selling their products directly through social media platforms. Social commerce practices usually involve – shoppable posts and stories, social commerce plugins and apps, and ads on social media networks with CTA’s that re-direct to eCommerce sites.

It is evident that in this everything-digital world, social networks have gained as much importance as other information sources for making product choices. And we firmly believe, that social commerce will continue to be a hot trend for years to come.

  1. Smart Bidding in Google Ads-

Smart Bidding – also coined as auction time bidding, cites the use of machine learning by Google Ads to perfect/optimize bids for conversions or conversion values. You’re familiar with smart bidding if you’ve ever automated your bidding with Target CPAs, target ROAS, and maximized conversions.

Moreover, Google Marketing Live 2019’s improvement techniques for smart bidding has raised the bar altogether in digital marketing.

3 new ways to guide smart bidding models- 

  1. Choose conversion actions at campaign levels.
  2. Create a conversion campaign set to share across multi campaigns.
  3. Set rules to adjust conversation values based on audience types and tweak bids by values.

Last thoughts- 

Digital Marketing is not easy as it seems, but with the current trends and latest immersing technologies, one can surely leap his/her way closer to the throne of mastering digital marketing. In the end, it all comes down to conversions, ROI and sales – whether you’re devising a new marketing strategy or mending the previous ones, these 5 trends will always help you with digital readiness. From all the team members at Xoom Digital – a digital marketing agency in Sydney, may the force of digital marketing be with you!

woocommerce development anonline store
Social Media Strategies For Online Store

To make your online store reach the maximum number of people it requires a high digital approach when it comes to marketing. And social media is considered the best platform for promoting your business. Having a strong social media presence is proven efficient in gaining new customers and also holds the existing ones. Social media has turned out to be an amazing trend for online stores to follow, more after the accessibility of the audience to smartphones. To set up an online store and sell anything from anywhere woocommerce development using the right social media advertising tools can be your one-stop solution.

Also during this situation of the pandemic, people instead of shopping offline tend to shop online more than ever before. And along with that, it increases the competition for attention. So to increase the success you must learn some great social media strategies for online stores. Taking out time for analyzing the data will help you have a narrow and specific target audience. 

Woocommerce development has been providing services to the owners of many online stores for a long time. There are a total of 5 million stores that have been using the free woo-commerce plugin. If you are seeking woo-commerce development and want your store to reach the customers on their favorite social media platform, social media marketing is another way for that. Social media plays a vital role as an influencing force in the modern world. 

SMM for your woo-commerce store means using social media platforms and websites for marketing your products. Being a  woocommerce store owner and not having social media platforms will make you lose a great number of potential customers. It gives you easy customization options for your online store and social media.

Now let us have a look at some of the effective social media strategies for an online store which will surely help your store gain more visibility online and in building a strong relationship with your customers.


Just posting stuff on social media is not enough, you must have a purpose. So before jumping on planning the social media strategies for an online store go through a deep researching session. Analyze the behavior of users, data, and different user activities on each profile, and find out what type of content gets the best reactions from the audience. 

Find The Appropriate Platform.

There are several platforms available but choosing the platform which works best for your business is one of the most important social media strategies for an online store. And to find the best working platform for your business you must analyze the nature of your business and ask your audience to know which social media they like the most and find the most effective one. You might find out that some underrated platforms work better than you thought.

Include Videos.

It is proven by several kinds of research that videos get a better reaction than any other visual content. Thus posting videos on your social media can be beneficial. You can also add an introductory video on top of your Facebook or Twitter, which will give the visitors an idea about your business. But keep in mind that your video content should be short yet effective. Don’t make your video longer than 1 minute.


Collaboration has been one of the main advertising strategies. Collaborating with influencers to add value to the product and make the audience trust the brand. But with the changing scenarios, the nature of advertising has also changed. Today people are well informed and highly aware of what they want. And they won’t buy a lie, they need a brand that is completely honest about their brand. So collaborating with micro-influencers will be more beneficial than a celebrity appearance. There are a lot of influencers who have a huge following on social media and can give an honest review of your product to the audience. 

Advertise Your Product Naturally

Native advertising is one of the biggest social media trends, it means to keep your advertisements natural and it should not look like putting pressure or forcing the customers to buy the product. Try to keep it simple. You can add videos of real customers with their honest reviews about the product. It will look naturally appealing and may motivate people to try it.

Set Social Media Marketing Goals

You must have a goal set up for social media marketing. Just selecting a platform for promoting your product or services is not enough. Having a clear and achievable goal is also very important for your woocommerce development. You should have an idea about what you expect your customers to do after you post something online.

You Can Use Blogs Too

It is common for online store owners to think that social media is only limited to Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. But blogs are also a great social media platform for your woocommerce development. While marketing for an online store you must include a regular blog to bring enhancement to your social media strategies. If it is done right, it can bring you a lot of traffic.

Engaging Content

Creating content for engaging the audience is an essential thing to keep in mind. And providing the audience with an adequate and proper format of the content is the key to this. You can post content like quizzes, infographics, how-to articles. You can also do live sessions and interact with the audience, conduct giveaways, Q&A stories, and Twitter polls.

Use New Features

With changes in technology, social media changes as well. Focus on new trends and don’t hold yourself from trying them. Usings new features and tools introduced by the platforms will bring you great advantages and keeps you updated with the changing demands of the customers.

These were some of the strategies which can be used by online stores to drive traffic to their business. Different businesses have different needs to move ahead. Also, the strategies used differs. To understand which strategies are best suited for business, Xoom Digital helps you acknowledge what are your business needs and how to fulfill them