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4 stages of a winning content marketing funnel

Content Marketing-

Whether we wish to believe or not but most of the content online is created for a specific purpose
which is to influence consumers to buy, or login to get more info or just to sign up for something.
Even a post such as ‘Best pet friendly spa’s in Sydney’ would have been created for a specific
purpose. Did you know that maximum content that we need and interact with daily is a part of the
content marketing funnel.

Let us now understand what is a content marketing funnel –

A content marketing funnel is the visualization of the journey that potential customers go through
when they wish to make a purchase. This visualization is a part of the larger overall content
marketing strategy.
The four main stages of the content marketing funnel are awareness, evaluation,
purchase and delight. Each stage serves a specific purpose in the customers journey.
As we all know, a comprehensive content marketing strategy should be asking the following
questions –
1) What type of content do I need to create?
2) How can I measure the success of the content?
3) How can I improve my strategy?

Following is brief information about the four stages of content marketing –

1) Awareness –

As a business owner, you need to understand that when customers first enter
the content marketing funnel, they are mostly unaware of your company or what service
you provide. Therefore the top of your content needs to focus on creating awareness
amongst your customers.
By using types of content such as shareable blog posts, social media posts, infographics, videos, e-books or podcasts, you can help customers to be aware of your brand.
With each content strategy that you use, you need to question yourself whether you prospective customers are viewing, interacting and sharing the content and are there any follow through after interaction?
By using metrics Like time on page, number of reviews, bounce rate and by digging into
Google Analytics, you’ll be able to understand more. But if you feel that your content is not
resonating with your audience, then you can always change your strategy.

2) Evaluation –

The second stage of the funnel is where your customers decide whether they
need your product or not. The evaluation stage also helps you to build trust in your
No one would ever buy or do business with a company they don’t find
trustworthy, so as a business owner you need to look for ways to build that trust. Consumers
are looking for content such as case studies, white papers, emails, useful resources etc
which can demonstrate why they should be trusting your business. Good creation helps
convert a prospect towards a purchase but it doesn’t happen all at once, therefore you need
to have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place.

3) Conversion –

Your content strategy should be such that it gives confidence to your customers to make a purchase and they should realise the fact that investing in your service would be the smartest thing for them to do.
Till now, the content funnel was all about getting your customers interested in your product but now your strategy should be such that it gives them reasons to purchase from you.
You can offer side by side comparisons of  similar products and highlight why your product is better than the others. Make sure your content has a clear call to action and making a purchase is a simple process. An introductory
trial offer can also lead to a purchase and once your customers get a taste of your product,
they are most likely to buy your product.

4) Delight –

Although this is not really a part of the content marketing funnel, many companies have added this step to retain or delight customers. Your overall content strategy should be aimed towards building an audience and keeping them engaged.
This process is beyond the purchase date as this stage gives ways to customers to stay engaged and share feedback and reviews about your business.
Make sure that your content is such that it encourages
customers to leave feedback, gives readers reasons to refer their friends and showcases real
customer success.
Even if some of your customers are not repeat buyers, still reward them
with special promotions or early previews of new products.
Having a content strategy that helps them to convert is the main objective of content
marketing funnel. By using a solid strategy or business will be able to engage, influence and
make customers happy at every process of the marketing funnel. A strong content strategy
is what will help boost your business.
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marketing funnel.