Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Stay Cognizant of

As the year 2020 – full of challenges and global halt draws to a close and much anticipated 2021 fast approaches, it’s time for every digital marketing agency in Sydney to pack up their desks and enjoy an icy cold bevy in hand.

You’re right. Said no digital marketer ever.

Well, to speak the truth, the end of the year is heavily buried with last-minute deadlines, new year preparations, and end of the year task reviews.

And not to forget all the festive seasons’ galas you need to take care of.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Sydney, our team wants to ease off the chaos and stress by handing you a guide about the rising and upcoming digital marketing trends for 2021.

SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing have totally evolved the landscape of digital media. It’s ever-growing and conquering! For 2020, we predicted that the world of digital marketing will be ruled by chatbots and artificial intelligence, voice search, video marketing, and programmatic marketing. And after reaching the fourth quarter of this year, we couldn’t be more satisfied with our predictions.

And thus, as one of the premium growing digital marketing agencies in Sydney, here’s another take on the latest digital marketing trends all set up to revolutionize the digital world in 2021! 

  1. Interactive Content – 

People love to interact – invest their energy in the right space and time. It all depends if you give them the opportunity to connect with your brand through 360-degree videos, quizzes, AR/VR, shoppable posts, and polls; nothing can beat it.

This particular sort of content helps to break the monotony – and makes it look fresh, original, and more acceptable.

Interactive content better engages consumers and 93% of the marketers have given thumps up to the fact that interactive content is better at educating the buyers than just 70% for the static content. Every part and piece of the interactive content is a strong Call-To-Action statement with or without another Call-To-Action.

It gives your site another perspective than just being assertively informative or sales-y, in short, it gives your visitor a reason to stay.

 We, at Xoom Digitals- a premium digital marketing agency in Sydney, believe that interactive content breeds all the available prospects of creating brand awareness, and hence, interactive content is going to be a big all through in 2021. 

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – 

As per Gartner, 2022 will be full of experimentations with highly advanced immersive technologies like Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality – with more than 70% of enterprises participating for consumer and enterprise use, and 25% would have already deployed to production.

AR is highly effective in enhancing the visual impacts of sales presentations with its three-dimensional illuminations. Clients are not only able to see the presentations in front of them but also around them – boosts up the closing of the deals.

VR is the most innovative of reality technologies. Playstation, VR, and Google Cardboard are a few of its mainstream availabilities.

As a connoisseur of immersing technologies- at Xoom Digitals, a digital marketing agency in Sydney, we believe that these technologies have a wide scope in increasing sales and enhancing customer experience, and ultimately leveling up the ROIs.

  1. New Breed SEO – 

The conversional rate of SEO is 14.6% strongly defeating the conversion rates of 1.7% sustained through traditional outbound methods. It’s pretty much every digital marketer’s dream to stay on the top of SEO rankings. However, SEO hacks keep shuffling, and the same SEO hack which could have got you on the first page of the google search engine is now at the risk of jeopardizing your website rankings, or even worse landing you in a Google penalty. 

Search Algorithms witness constant change and end up affecting the user’s search engine results. As a striving digital marketing agency in Sydney, our prediction allows us to affirm that the search engine industry will work on these algorithms next year to better the quality of search results, and drive clearly through the google penalties.

  1. Social Commerce – 

The E-commerce industry has been thriving for a long time and has allowed smart marketers to put the twos and twos together and make social commerce a norm.

Nowadays, brands tend to make the most of their social media advertising by selling their products directly through social media platforms. Social commerce practices usually involve – shoppable posts and stories, social commerce plugins and apps, and ads on social media networks with CTA’s that re-direct to eCommerce sites.

It is evident that in this everything-digital world, social networks have gained as much importance as other information sources for making product choices. And we firmly believe, that social commerce will continue to be a hot trend for years to come.

  1. Smart Bidding in Google Ads-

Smart Bidding – also coined as auction time bidding, cites the use of machine learning by Google Ads to perfect/optimize bids for conversions or conversion values. You’re familiar with smart bidding if you’ve ever automated your bidding with Target CPAs, target ROAS, and maximized conversions.

Moreover, Google Marketing Live 2019’s improvement techniques for smart bidding has raised the bar altogether in digital marketing.

3 new ways to guide smart bidding models- 

  1. Choose conversion actions at campaign levels.
  2. Create a conversion campaign set to share across multi campaigns.
  3. Set rules to adjust conversation values based on audience types and tweak bids by values.

Last thoughts- 

Digital Marketing is not easy as it seems, but with the current trends and latest immersing technologies, one can surely leap his/her way closer to the throne of mastering digital marketing. In the end, it all comes down to conversions, ROI and sales – whether you’re devising a new marketing strategy or mending the previous ones, these 5 trends will always help you with digital readiness. From all the team members at Xoom Digital – a digital marketing agency in Sydney, may the force of digital marketing be with you!