Social Media Strategies For Online Store

To make your online store reach the maximum number of people it requires a high digital approach when it comes to marketing. And social media is considered the best platform for promoting your business. Having a strong social media presence is proven efficient in gaining new customers and also holds the existing ones. Social media has turned out to be an amazing trend for online stores to follow, more after the accessibility of the audience to smartphones. To set up an online store and sell anything from anywhere woocommerce development using the right social media advertising tools can be your one-stop solution.

Also during this situation of the pandemic, people instead of shopping offline tend to shop online more than ever before. And along with that, it increases the competition for attention. So to increase the success you must learn some great social media strategies for online stores. Taking out time for analyzing the data will help you have a narrow and specific target audience. 

Woocommerce development has been providing services to the owners of many online stores for a long time. There are a total of 5 million stores that have been using the free woo-commerce plugin. If you are seeking woo-commerce development and want your store to reach the customers on their favorite social media platform, social media marketing is another way for that. Social media plays a vital role as an influencing force in the modern world. 

SMM for your woo-commerce store means using social media platforms and websites for marketing your products. Being a  woocommerce store owner and not having social media platforms will make you lose a great number of potential customers. It gives you easy customization options for your online store and social media.

Now let us have a look at some of the effective social media strategies for an online store which will surely help your store gain more visibility online and in building a strong relationship with your customers.


Just posting stuff on social media is not enough, you must have a purpose. So before jumping on planning the social media strategies for an online store go through a deep researching session. Analyze the behavior of users, data, and different user activities on each profile, and find out what type of content gets the best reactions from the audience. 

Find The Appropriate Platform.

There are several platforms available but choosing the platform which works best for your business is one of the most important social media strategies for an online store. And to find the best working platform for your business you must analyze the nature of your business and ask your audience to know which social media they like the most and find the most effective one. You might find out that some underrated platforms work better than you thought.

Include Videos.

It is proven by several kinds of research that videos get a better reaction than any other visual content. Thus posting videos on your social media can be beneficial. You can also add an introductory video on top of your Facebook or Twitter, which will give the visitors an idea about your business. But keep in mind that your video content should be short yet effective. Don’t make your video longer than 1 minute.


Collaboration has been one of the main advertising strategies. Collaborating with influencers to add value to the product and make the audience trust the brand. But with the changing scenarios, the nature of advertising has also changed. Today people are well informed and highly aware of what they want. And they won’t buy a lie, they need a brand that is completely honest about their brand. So collaborating with micro-influencers will be more beneficial than a celebrity appearance. There are a lot of influencers who have a huge following on social media and can give an honest review of your product to the audience. 

Advertise Your Product Naturally

Native advertising is one of the biggest social media trends, it means to keep your advertisements natural and it should not look like putting pressure or forcing the customers to buy the product. Try to keep it simple. You can add videos of real customers with their honest reviews about the product. It will look naturally appealing and may motivate people to try it.

Set Social Media Marketing Goals

You must have a goal set up for social media marketing. Just selecting a platform for promoting your product or services is not enough. Having a clear and achievable goal is also very important for your woocommerce development. You should have an idea about what you expect your customers to do after you post something online.

You Can Use Blogs Too

It is common for online store owners to think that social media is only limited to Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. But blogs are also a great social media platform for your woocommerce development. While marketing for an online store you must include a regular blog to bring enhancement to your social media strategies. If it is done right, it can bring you a lot of traffic.

Engaging Content

Creating content for engaging the audience is an essential thing to keep in mind. And providing the audience with an adequate and proper format of the content is the key to this. You can post content like quizzes, infographics, how-to articles. You can also do live sessions and interact with the audience, conduct giveaways, Q&A stories, and Twitter polls.

Use New Features

With changes in technology, social media changes as well. Focus on new trends and don’t hold yourself from trying them. Usings new features and tools introduced by the platforms will bring you great advantages and keeps you updated with the changing demands of the customers.

These were some of the strategies which can be used by online stores to drive traffic to their business. Different businesses have different needs to move ahead. Also, the strategies used differs. To understand which strategies are best suited for business, Xoom Digital helps you acknowledge what are your business needs and how to fulfill them